AccuLux UniLux 7

Rechargeable LED hand lamp for close and far range – manual focus. Very practical: always charged and within reach in the wall holder – in buildings or in vehicles. Delivery: Charging station, charging cable (100-240V, 12/24V, USB). Gradual focus fail-safe power LED (up to approx. 270 lumen) even light beam up to 1000 times rechargeable Li-Ion battery without memory effect … Read More

AccuLux UniLux PRO

The rechargeable LED hand lamp AccuLux UniLux PRO has a casing made of robust and shock-proof plastic. The focussed lens optic creates a homogeneous illumination for close and far range. The two switch levels allow for Leuchtdauer von bis zu 35 Stundenillumination for up to 35 hours! he environment-friendly and powerful Li-Ion-battery can be charged up to 1000 times and … Read More

AccuLux SL 6 LED Set

The case of the dust and splash-water protected safety lamp model AccuLux SL 6 LED is made of robust plastic. The lens optic of the power LED generates a strongly focussed light beam with a high range. A replacement of the LED lamp is not required. Through the 110° flexible lamp head and the included orange viewing pane, the lamp … Read More


STL 1 EX is a high-power LED head lamp for use in hazard zones and is equipped with three AAA alkaline batteries. The lamp has two light modes, is extremely bright and has a long operating time. Safe for use in hazard zones (zone 0, all gases) Temperature class T4 Use of high-performance power LED Robust casing, screw fastening due … Read More


STL 200 is a POWER LED Torch, Aluminium-torch: small, bright and shock-proof. Made of Aircraft grade aluminium Shock-proof and very bright For the close and far distance Focused + wide spread light Easy to handle Backside switch Water resistant Lum. flux: ca. 200 lumens (Lumens values may differ by +/- 10%) Range: ca. 100 m Operating time: ca. 5 h … Read More