HL 12 EX rechargeable Set


Hand lamp with power LED. Explosion proof hand lamp with power LED in angle form, very bright and extremely lightweight; lithium ion rechargeable battery included in the delivery. Two light levels and flashing mode, certified for all gases and dust. Rechargeable in 100 V - 230 V AC, 12 V DL and 24 V. The rechargeable battery and retaining clip can be replaced by the operator. Inspected according to EMC provision and is permitted for use in vehicles. With a low weight of approximately 280 g, the HL12 EX can be used with comparable hand lamps. The charging station from the HL 25 EX can be used; these may be delivered with 1-5 times.  Also available in battery version.
Article no. 449521
Lamp: Power LED
Brightness: approx. 200 / 55 lumen
Range: up to approx. 200 m*
Lithium ion rechargeable battery: 3,7 V – 2500 mAh
Charging time: approx. 4 h
Protection class: IP 67
Temperature class: T4
Three switch levels: 2 light levels + flashing mode
Operating time: approx. 5h / 11h
Capacity display
Weight: approx. 280 g (extremely
Dimensions in mm: 61 x 90 x 200
Explosion zone: 1, 2, 21 und 22

*Luminous flux (lumen) or maximum range (meter) measured when turning on with a set of new batteries. These are average values that may deviate by +/- 10% due to component tolerances.