HL 12 EX battery lamp


Hand lamp with power LED. Explosion proof hand lamps in angle form, very bright and extremely lightweight; 3 AA batteries included in the delivery. Two light levels and flashing mode. Also available in a rechargeable battery version. Certified for all gases and dust. The battery pack and the retaining clip can be replaced by the operator. Inspected according to EMC provisions and is permitted for use in vehicles

The renowned Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration (IZM) has given the AccuLux HL 12 EX top marks.

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Article no. 449421
Lamp: Power LED
Brightness: approx. 200 / 55 lumen
Range: up to approx. 200 m*
Batteries: 3 x AA (included) or rechargeable battery
Protection class: IP 67
Temperature class: T4
Three switch levels: 2 light levels + flashing mode
Operating time: approx. 5h / 11h
Capacity display
Weight: approx. 280 g
Dimensions in mm 61 x 90 x 200
Explosion zone: 0, 1, 2, 20, 21 and 22

*Luminous flux (lumen) or maximum range (meter) measured when turning on with a set of new batteries. These are average values that may deviate by +/- 10% due to component tolerances.